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Professional Skills Competition of Bmorn Technology

Quarterly Professional skills competition of Bmorn Technology took place in the headquarter of the company, in Shenzhen, on 17-18, Dec, 2015. Mr Mao, vice general manager of Bmorn technology made a speech in the opening ceremony.


The main aim of the competition is to strengthen the idea that we work for a company that helps develop our work ability, grow our knowledge and allows us to fulfill our potential, to towards a better future together, according Mr Mao.


Over the course of the competition, six technical skills have been demonstrated individually by the participants, including the soldering procedure, sticking of touch panel, screwing, functionality test, closing of shell and pasting screen protector.


Most of workers from various work took part in the competition. To test their skills, the contestants had to finish specific tasks in certain time. Meanwhile, they also should make sure that all their results can reach standard level. Faster is better. The competition would be hold for two days and the winners would be awarded the first, second and third prize.


As a part of Bmorn’s personnel training program, the competition is held quarterly every year, aiming to enhance the workers’ professional skills, give an importance to professional education, and improve their competitiveness.

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